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Fish Day
Fish Day 31,401 PLAYS
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja 75,856 PLAYS
Apple Shooter
Apple Shooter 144,438 PLAYS
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird 43,430 PLAYS
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FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush
FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush 59,799 PLAYS
Ninja Ranmaru
Ninja Ranmaru 45,512 PLAYS
Tunnel Rush 2
Tunnel Rush 2 27,573 PLAYS
Temple Run Online
Temple Run Online 13,100 PLAYS
Hop don't stop
Hop don't stop 11,340 PLAYS
Giant Hamster Run
Giant Hamster Run 8,615 PLAYS
Yeti Sensation
Yeti Sensation 8,152 PLAYS
Avengers Hydra Dash
Avengers Hydra Dash 7,920 PLAYS
Super Plumber Run
Super Plumber Run 6,251 PLAYS
Subway Surf
Subway Surf 5,406 PLAYS
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer 4,730 PLAYS
Craft Runner
Craft Runner 4,666 PLAYS
Tomb Temple Run
Tomb Temple Run 4,478 PLAYS
Angry Gran Run: Paris
Angry Gran Run: Paris 4,377 PLAYS
Unikitty: Save the Kingdom!
Unikitty: Save the Kingdom! 4,188 PLAYS
Little Dino Adventure
Little Dino Adventure 3,956 PLAYS
Perfect Hit
Perfect Hit 3,866 PLAYS
Subway Surf Halloween
Subway Surf Halloween 3,809 PLAYS
Kogama Wipeout
Kogama Wipeout 3,724 PLAYS
Jungle Run
Jungle Run 3,671 PLAYS
Indiara 3,450 PLAYS
Banana Jungle
Banana Jungle 3,445 PLAYS
Angry Gran Run: Turkey
Angry Gran Run: Turkey 3,429 PLAYS
Angry Gran Run Japan
Angry Gran Run Japan 3,396 PLAYS
Underrun 3,376 PLAYS
Rugby Rush
Rugby Rush 3,089 PLAYS
Gamer's Guide: Sewer Pigs
Gamer's Guide: Sewer Pigs 2,740 PLAYS
Banana Running
Banana Running 2,689 PLAYS
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